TCA 08


TCA issue #8, Summer 2011 (PDF)


Vol 2, Number 4

  • Measuring Star Brightness with a Digital Camera
  • Visual Spectroscopy and the Borders of the Colors
  • Digital Spectroscopy – Light with a Laptop
  • Measuring Galaxy Spectra for Velocities
  • Demonstrating the Loss of Starlight
  • Using Spectra to Determine Planetary Nebulae Properties

    • Alternative Universes — That 6th Grade Earth Science textbook said WHAT?
    • Astronomy Planning Calendar – Summer
    • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners – 
      • Children’s Answers to “What is a Day?”
      • Using Online Archived Data to Learn About the Causes of Tides
      • Should We Teach Astronomy Once or Four Times, and Why
    • Photons Focused On:  — Teacher at the Telescope, Getting Spectra
    • Astronomical Teachniques -Candied Physics!, Using a Magazine to Teach Literacy in a Middle School Science Class
  • My Views of the Classroom Universe (Editor’s Column) – Summertime, The Time for Light Reading

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