TCA 04


TCA issue #4, Summer 2010 (PDF)


Vol 1, Number 4

  • Worlds Near Collision – An International Asteroid Hunt
  • Astronomy Education under the Southern Cross
  • Cell Phone-tography Helps Raise Astronomy Interest in Ontario
  • Russian Astronomy Holds On In a Unique School
  • Astronomy in India, National But Not Local
  • Ten Ideas for ‘Natural’ Astronomy from Italy
  • Astronomical Teachniques –
    • How High Is The Sun?
    • Earth Turns from West to East
    • International Observe the Moon Night
  • Sky Planning Calendar
  • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners –
    • Justifying Alternative Models in Learning Astronomy: A study of K-8 science teachers’ understanding of frames of reference
    • Meta-analysis of Planetarium Efficacy Research
  • My Views of the Classroom Universe – The International World of Astronomy

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