TCA 07


TCA issue #7, Spring 2011 (PDF)


Vol 2, Number 3

  • Measuring the Age of the Expanding Universe with Google Sky
  • Gnomon Knowledge – Sundials Are A Global Activity
  • Investigating Astronomy Without Using Vision
  • Three Methods of Using Online Space Data to Support Inquiry
  • Teacher’s Challenge — This Issue’s Most Puzzling Terms?
  • Astronomy Planning Calendar – Spring
  • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners –
    • A Most Marvelous Cosmology and Philosophy Article!
    • A 5E Plan for Teaching Weightlessness and Combating Its Misconceptions
    • Teaching about Day, Night and Earth as a Sphere to 4-6 Year Olds
  • Photons Focused On:  — Solar System Names in Products and Businesses
  • Astronomical Teachniques -Findings Noted at the January American Astronomical Society Meeting
  • My Views of the Classroom Universe (Editor’s Column) – Astronomy May Be Global But Knowledge is Not

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