TCA 06


TCA issue #6, Winter 2010-11 (PDF)


Vol 2, Number 2

  • By Jove!  Discover Jupiter’s Third Law Yourself!
  • Warning!  Celestial Bodies and Graphic Content Enclosed
  • Goldilocks and 3 Bears500 Exoplanets in The Classroom
  • Click!  Ten Picture of the Day Websites
  • An Astronomy Picture of the Day Scavenger Hunt!

    • Teacher’s Challenge — This Issue’s Most Puzzling Terms?
    • Astronomy Planning Calendar – Winter
    • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners –
      • Building a Learning Progression for Celestial Motion: Elementary Levels from an Earth-Based Perspective.
    • Photons Focused On:  — Korean Observatories Royal and Ancient, Public and Modern
    • Astronomical Teachniques -Turning Misconceptions into Inquiry
    • My Views of the Classroom Universe (Editor’s Column) – Universal Toe-Holds

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