TCA 17


TCA issue #17, Fall 2013 (PDF)



Vol 5, Number 1

  • All Eyes on ISON
  • Comet CSI – Was That Comet A Murderer?
  • An Insider’s Tour of a Comet–What is It That You Are Seeing?
  • Encke vs ISON–The Science of What You See
  • AstroStats 1: Probabilities–The Drake Equation and Life On Other Worlds
  • Can You Create The Sound of Astronomical Data?
  • Inquiry in Astronomy Textbooks
    • Sky Planning Calendar including a November Solar Eclipse and Nova Delphini 2013
    • My Views of the Classroom Universe – Good or Bad Comet?  A Teachable Moment Either Way
    • Astronomy of the Northern Sky -A Sky Quest, Lives of the Stars
    • Astronomical Teachniques – Organizing Your Bibliographic Materials; The Atomic Hotel

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