TCA 12


TCA issue #12, Summer 2012 (PDF)



Vol 3, Number 4

  • Sun Fun – Actively Observing The Active Sun
  • Is There A Chance of  Storm Today?
  • A Unique Course In A Most Urban Environment
  • A Proposal for A Daytime Astronomy Course In The US
  • Viewing The Sun With Radio Eyes
  • Lessons Learned From A Ring of Fire
  • Finding Astronomically Nutritious News Stories
  • The Transit of Venus Determines the Astronomical Unit
    • Astronomy Planning Calendar – Summer
    • Photons Focused On: – Astronomy in Mexican Cityscapes (The Celestial Streets of Mexico City, A Universe On A Library’s Walls)
    • My Views of the Classroom Universe (Editor’s Column) – What a Spring!  Time for some Sun!


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