TCA 14


TCA issue #14, Winter 2012-13 (PDF)



Vol 4, Number 2

  • 2013’s Solar Maximum in the Classroom
  • Tracking Solar Storms from Birth to Earth
  • Social Media for Astronomy Teachers – Good or Bad?
    • Astronomical Teachniques – 
      • Class Projects According to Majors
      • Correlations of Hurricanes and Sunspots
      • Where Do You Come From?
      • Light Pollution Survey
      • Mnemonics
      • Eratosthenes and GPS
      • Evolution Assessments with Balls
    • Sky Planning Calendar
    • My Views of the Classroom Universe – Additions and Subtractions
    • Astronomy of the Northern Sky  – Star Colors and Spectral Types
    • Photons Focused On – The Trail of William Herschel

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