TCA 13


TCA issue #13, Fall 2012 (PDF)



Vol 4, Number 1

  • Astrophotography from the Inner City
  • Durin’s Day and Moonlit Maps — Astronomy of the Moon, Taught by “The Hobbit”
  • Dish Network to Space? — The Itty Bitty Radio Telescope
  • Collecting the Cosmos with World Coins
  • Next Generation Standards for Astronomy
  • Testing Your Binocular Limits with BinariesAstronomical Teachniques – 
    • The Cause of Summer — Tilt or Distance to the Sun? 
    • Kepler to the Rescue!
    • Transit of Venus, Revisited


    • Sky Planning Calendar


    • My Views of the Classroom Universe – Autumn Stars


  • Astronomy of the Northern Sky (New Column) – Polaris


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