TCA 01


TCA Issue #1, Fall 2009 (PDF)


Inaugural Issue, Vol 1, Number 1


  • What if Ptolemy and Copernicus Played Ping Pong?
  • Researching Historical Astronomy in the Classroom 
  • The International Astronomy Olympiad, A Commentary and Call for Participants
  • Arizona, Where “I Can’t See The Big Dipper” is Heard
  • Teachable Moment: Jupiter, A Comet and Jupiter’s Not-So-Mighty Winds
    • Teachers Challenge -Moon Phases
    • Astronomical Teach-niques – 
      • Science in Everyday Life – A Classifying/Coding Exercise,  
      • Should That Be A Straight Line or A Curve?, 
      • Usng Iridium Flashes to Show Systematic and Random Errors, 
      • What Causes Light Pollution?
    • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners 
      • Gravitating Toward Science, 
      • A Cross-age Study of Children’s Knowledge of Apparent Celestioal Motion, 
      • The Relationship between Students’ Views of the Nature of Science and their Views of the Nature of Scientific Measurement, 
      • Understanding of Earth and Space Science Concepts: Strategies for Concept-Building in Elementary Teacher Preparation
    • Sky Planning Calendar
  • Alternative Universes – Houghton Mifflin Science Grade 4
  • My Classroom Universe (Editor’s Column) – Why This Magazine?

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