TCA 02


TCA issue #2, Winter 2009-10


Vol 1, Number 2


  • Kinesthetic Cosmology
  • Is It Really Noon? Just Ask Your Shadow. +  A World Turned Upside Down
  • Analyzing Planets and Exoplanet Systems Through Graphing
  • Bringing Old Telescopes Back To Life
  • Teachable Moment: Let’s Bomb The Moon!
  • Sky Planning Calendar
  • Astronomical Teach-niques –
    • Moon Phases, Part 1–Why??
    • Moon Phases, Part 2 — How Long?
    • Scales and Sizes in the Universe
  • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners —
    • Identifying Meta-Clusters of Students’ Interest in Science and Their Change With Age
    • Gender Differences in Lunar-related Scientific and Mathematical Understandings
  • Teachers Challenge – Cosmic Vocabulary Quotient
  • Alternative Universes – Houghton Mifflin Science 3rd Grade
  • My Classroom Universe (Editor’s Column) – Touching Historical Texts

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