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'Everything' Mercury/Hermes that ISN'T a Planet, Atom or God!

Publications and Media

    Hermes, A British government news service/database, gives info on the European Community.
    San Jose Mercury News - a California newspaper.
    Mercury Publications, A trade magazine publisher

Material Goods, Companies and Services

    Lincoln Mercury -- An Automobile, once equiped with a Mercury image as a hood ornament.
    A logo -- That's Hermes on the FTD Flower Delivery service logo!
    Hermes--A British company, formerly PosTel. Manages the pension funds of the PostOffice and British Telecom. Why Hermes? A spokesperson said "BT (British Telecom, Hermes' owner) uses a winged messenger as their image and one of our biggest rivals is Mercury Asset Management. Hermes is Greek and so predates the young Roman upstart Mercury." Hermes' Homepage.
    Hermes--A German export guarantee facility.
    Hermes--Another German company, a credit agency.
    Mercurey--A region in France that produces red wines. Once a Roman territory.
    Hérmes -- France's famous tie and scarf manufacturer.
    Hermes -- a brand of typewriter.
    Mercury Records -- A major record label.


    Freddie Mercury -- Late lead singer for the rock group "Queen."
    Mercury Morris -- Football player for the New York Jets during Joe Namath's heyday in the late 60's and 70's.
    Phoenix Mercury - A Women's National Basketball Association team.
    Daniela Mercury - A Latina singer.
    Hermes Pan--Movie director/choreographer.
    Hermes Pan--A rock group.

Music and the Arts

    A statuette on the peak of the roof of New York's Grand Central Station.
    Mercury is the title of the third section of the orchestral classic "The Planets" by Gustav Holst.
    A song by Steve Miller Band, Mercury Blues, on the album "Fly Like an Eagle."
    A similar song title (possibly the same song?), Mercury Blues on the "Trouble Man" album by country musicians Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers.
    Planet Mercury - A work of art ca. 1565 by Dutch artist Maerten van Hemmskerck presenting his idea of what a planet ruled by the god would look like--a world inhabited by financiers, commerce people and accountants!Yuck!  Sounds like Wall Street, NYC!

    Mercury Radio Theatre, the radio show that unleashed Orson Wells and "War of the Worlds" so many Halloweens ago!

Space Programs

    Project Mercury -- America's first Man-in-Space program, one-man capsules (1961-1963). The first two manned flights were suborbitals while the remaining 4 were flights of 3 to 22 orbits.

      Mercury-Redstone 3, Freedom 7, Alan Shepard, Jr., 5/5/61, 15 minutes in space, first American in space.
      Mercury-Redstone 4, Liberty Bell 7, Virgil Grissom, 7/21/61, Also a suborbital flight of 15 minutes. Spacecraft sank. Found decades later.

      Mercury-Atlas 6, Friendship 7, John H. Glenn, Jr. 2/20/62, 4 hours 55 minutes, 3 orbits, first American in orbit.
      Mercury-Atlas 7, Aurora 7, Scott Carpenter, 5/24/62, a repeat of Glenn's flight, except Carpenter overshot the landing by 250 miles.
      Mercury-Atlas 8, Sigma 7, Walter Schirra, 10/3/62, 6 orbits, 9h 13m.
      Mercury-Atlas 9, Faith 7, L. Gordon Cooper, 5/15-16/63, 22 orbits, 34h 19m.

    One additional Mercury astronaut, "Deke" Slayton, did not fly in this program due to a heart irregularity.

    The Mercury capsule has been described as appearing like a television picture tube. It is conical, with a rounded bottom 74" in diameter,and a short cylinder in place of a peak, total length of 114 inches. The round bottom is the heat shield protecting the single astronaut during re-entry. The astronaut sits (actually, lies) with his back to the shield. The capsule in orbit weighed between 3100 and 3900 pounds depending on payload.

    Messenger - a NASA orbiter mission, launched in August 2004. Now in orbit around Mercury (2011) after having made several fly-by photographic swings by Mercury. 

      Hermes V2--Not exactly the space program but this rocket bomb used by the Nazis in World War II is certainly among the first rocket craft.

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