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All Things Mercury!
What is "Hermograph" anyway?

Hermograph Press was established in January 1997 and was resurrected in September 2009.

The name Hermograph reflects both our goal and our life-long interest in anything Mercury or Hermes, most especially the planet and the mythological god of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Hermo is the possessive form of Hermes, "that belonging to Hermes." Thus, for example, the coordinate system on the planet is a Hermographic system. Graph, as you can guess from the context here, has to do with the term "written." Cartography is, loosely, the writing of maps. Photography is "light writing." Putting these together, Hermograph translates to "the writings or words of Hermes," the messenger of the Olympian gods.  Therefore anything he said was really important! We at Hermograph Press hope our Informative Publishing is given similar importance by you, the readers! That's our goal.

Oh, and our logo---that's based on the (tilted) astronomical symbol for the planet Mercury.  Some say this is his caduceus, his wand. Another representation says this is the winged god himself (he has wings on his hat).  As he flies around with his messages, he's now absorbed with reading in one of our publications.

For fun, we've started to assemble a place where everything we can find on the Web and elsewhere on Mercury or Hermes can be found. Enjoy!

Larry Krumenaker
Publisher, Hermograph Press

Note: These pages are under eternal construction.

Everything you want to know about the planet Mercury (updated with 2022 info!) Everything you want to know about the god Mercury (Hermes) Everything you want to know about the element and chemical Mercury Everything else that we know about with the name Mercury or Hermes!