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This is a partial listing of articles and other publications written, edited or produced by Larry Krumenaker only, unless otherwise indicated. Those with PDF's are marked, and those with LARGE PDFs come with a smaller but less universal WORD DOC file, each page a scanned JPG image, as well

Classroom Astronomer Feature Articles

Issue 1: What If Ptolemy and Copernicus Played Ping Pong?;   The International Astronomy Olympiad, A Commentary and Call for Participants; Teachable Moment: Jupiter, A Comet, and Some Not-So-Mighty Winds 
Issue 2:
Teachable Moment: Let�s Bomb The Moon!!
Issue 3: Galileoscopes: A Photo Story; A Scientist�s Scientific Method
Issue 5: Illuminating Science Through Darkness (A trilogy of before, during, and after lunar eclipse activity articles).
Issue 6: Click! Ten Pictures of the Day!
Issue 7:  Gnomon Knowledge�Sundials Are A Global Activity
Issue 8: Eye Spy � Visual Spectroscopy and the Borders of the Colors; Digital Spectroscopy � Light and a Laptop; Photons Focused on: Teacher At The Telescope, Getting Spectra.
Issue 9: The Lunar Parallax and December�s International Measure The Moon Night.
Issue 10: Which Toy Universe Would A Teacher Want for the Holidays?
Issue 11: Model Solar Systems �More Than A Walk In The Park.
Issue 12: Is There A Chance of a Storm Today? (Solar storm information); A Unique Course In A Most Urban Environment; A Proposal for a Daytime Astronomy Course for the US; Lessons Learned From A Ring of Fire; The Transit of Venus Determines the A.U.
Issue 13: Next Generation Standards for Astronomy; Testing Your Binocular Limits with Binoculars
Issue 14: Social Media for Astronomy Teachers�Good or Bad?;
Issue 15: The Classroom Tablet, or How I Learned to Love Apple in my Astronomy Course
Issue 16: A is for Historical Astronomy, or How to Organize Your Universe.
Issue 17: All Eyes on ISON
Issue 18: Where is the United Federation of Planets?
Issue 19: AstroStats 3: How Different are These Groups of Planets?
Issue 20: Investigating �Old� Astronomical Almanacs
Issue 21: The Hermeneutics of the Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizadry (using qualitative research techniques to determine the actual curriculum, and science content, of the mythical Hogwarts school.)
Issue 22: Examples of the Thrills of Science; The House of Astronomy; Stars Beneath My Feet!
Issue 23: Universe. Darkly. (Dark Matter and Galaxies)

Columns (varies with Issue): Astronomical Teachniques; The RAP Sheet�Research Articles for Practitioners; Alternative Universes (astronomical mistakes in textbooks); Teacher�s Sky Planning
Calendar (since #3); Photons Focused On:� (photo stories); Astronomy of the Northern Sky; Universe. Updated!.

Academic-Science Education

Krumenaker, L. (2009). No Child Left Behind and High School Astronomy. The Science Educator, 18, 2, 39. (Fall issue).  PDF
Krumenaker, L. (2009). The Modern U.S. High School Astronomy Course, Its Status and Makeup II: Additional Findings. Astronomy Education Review, 8,1 (December 2009) PDF
Krumenaker, L. (2009). The Modern U.S. High School Astronomy Course, Its Status and Makeup and the Effects of No Child Left Behind. Astronomy Education Review, 8,1 (December 2009) PDF
Krumenaker, L. (2009).  Russia's Only High School Planetarium: A Visit and Comparison of Astronomies.  The Planetarian, 37, 4, 10.  September 2009.  A visit to the only school planetarium in Russia, and the home of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.
Krumenaker, L. (2008). Copyright concerns. Science Scope, January 2008.
Song, Y., Heo, M., Krumenaker, L. and Tippins, D. Cartoons as an alternative way to assess students' science learning. Science Scope, January 2008.
Wang, Y., Many, J., and Krumenaker, L. Understanding the experiences and needs of mainstream teachers of ESL students: reflections from a secondary social studies teacher. 2008. TESL Canada Journal,Spring, 25(2).

Science and Technology

Astronomical Research

Krumenaker, L. BS Tauri, Evidence for Cyclic Activity in an Orion Irregular.  Journal of the AAVSO, 37.  (December 2009).


La emocion de descubrir (the Emotion of Discovery). Como Ves, p. 10. (April, 2013).
Venus crosses sun, an astronomical century event is approaching. (Transit of Venus), Die Zeit, (2004).
Cleaning Lake Imandra, Poisk (July 2003). [Moscow Science Newspaper, in Russian]
Flywheels in Space--NASA's new batteries for the ISS, PM Magazine, Germany [In German], (September, 2003)
Ausgang ungewiss (Exit Uncertainly) - Frankfurter Allegemeine Sonntagszeitung, (March 16, 2003) p. 57 [in German] [Escaping a Space Shuttle, from Launch to Landing--Good luck]
Geklonte Aliens an der Macht (Cloned Aliens in Power) - Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (January 5, 2003, P.44) [Bible Belt reaction to Clonaid's Eve]
PDF 250K
Virtual Astronomy: The Universe on the Internet - Online Magazine (Sept 2001) PDF 1.7M | WORD 890K
Budget Stargazer - Popular Science (April 1997)
Virtual Assembly- MIT Technology Review, (February/March 1997) (Virtual Reality in the Factory)
Ocean Drilling Tells Tales of Shorelines Past -  21stC (Spring 1997) HTML Online
Digital plus Zusatzzahl (Trits and Transporters) - Stern (October 17, 1996)
Net around the Clock - Stardate (Sept/Oct 1996) (astronomical activities on the Web)
Ultrasound for Mother Earth - Discovery Channel Online (July 1996)
Roboscopes - Internet World (May 1996) - Telescopes on the Net
No More People  - FOCUS November 29, 1995) (Biosphere plans no further habitation missions)
The Great Divorce - Earth Magazine (December 1995)  (Indo-European Plate Breaks in Two) PDF 281K
Rhythm Section - The Sciences (November, 1995) (Climate cycles seen in rock layers)
From 12 Come 13  - FOCUS (Aug 14, 1995) (Indo-Australian Plate breaks, in German)
Stellar Link in the Pleiades - FOCUS (June 26, 1995)  (in German)
Last Theorem, First Page - 21stC (Spring 1995) 
Space Mission Impossible - New Scientist (February 25, 1995) 
     (versions also appeared in Der Speigel and FOCUS, Germany)
Star Gazing in the Winter Sky - New Jersey Outdoors (Winter 1995)
Universe on the Road - Odyssey Magazine (December 1994)
An Antenna in a Can - Science (Random Samples section) (November 1994)
Visionaries Swap Pointers on Star Flight - Science (October 1994) PDF 704K | WORD 350K
Roll-Through Blueprints - Popular Science (May 1994) PDF 277K
In Ancient Climate, Orbital Chaos? - Science (January 1994) PDF 467K
A Wearable Computer - Discover (February 1994)
Psychedelic Quake Mapping - Earth (January 1994) PDF 819K
Under the Boardwalk - The Sciences (November 1993)(Digging into NJ's ancient seashores) PDF 3.2M | WORD 1.5M
Virtual Libraries, Complete With Journals, Get Real - Science (May 1993)
Station Farmer, How Does Your Garden Grow? - Odyssey (Spring 1993) (Space Station Hydroponics)
Measuring the Moon - Sky and Telescope (December 1992) (Using an eclipse to size up Luna)
Where the Big Sky Fell - Stardate (May 1992) (Texas Craters)
Laser Sharp Memory - PC Today (Sept 1992) (holographic memory devices) PDF 3.9M | WORD 1.6M

Other Media

The Characteristics and the Life Cycle of Stars, An Anthology of Current Thought, 2005. Rosen Publishing, New York.
- Many articles for this Rutgers University wireless technology newsletter (1997-8) PDF 3.3M | WORD 1.8M
Timetables of Technology - Byron Preiss Multimedia (wrote scripts for animations) Links to sample avi's produced.
Encarta 97
(Microsoft) - astronaut biographies.
The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference (as Associate Editor, MacMillan, 1995, by P. Barnes-Svarney)

Science Journalism


Krumenaker, L. (2016). The Freelancer�s Book Tour. News.ISWA #3, p.9.
Krumenaker, L. (2016). So You Want To Put On A Conference? News.ISWA #1, p. 10.
Recession Causes NASW Members to Leave. (2010).  ScienceWriters, 59, 3, 25. Summer 2010.  Comparison of 2010  and 2009  NASW member statistics.
The Density of Science Writers.  ScienceWriter.  (Fall 2009).  The geographic distribution of science journalists, and why they are where they are.
A Little Statistical Analysis, Please. ScienceWriter (Winter 2008-9).
An analysis of what kinds of science writers there are.
An American Science Writer in Paris, or Anywhere Else But Here NASW's Science Writer newsletter (Winter 2001-02).
Here's how to be a scientific Hemingway, working and living outside the US. HTML Online

Internet, Computing, and Information Industry


Tribunes and Tribulations--Top 100 newspaper archives (or lack thereof).  Information Today. (July 2003). HTML Online
Tempest in a Librarian's Teapot -
Searcher, July 2001 HTML Online
Mathematics of Online Newspapers-
Searcher, May 2000 HTML Online
A Dillar A Dollar, Where's that Online Article, Scholar? -
Searcher, September 1999
Canary in the Mine? An Interview with Andrew Elston -
Searcher, August 1997 .
Stalking Archives -
Searcher (April 1997)
Online White Pages
Database (June 1997)
Online Users' Best Business Sites on the Web,
Online (March/April 1997)
Eine vollig neue Welt-Anschauung (Two- and Three-Dimensional Computer Worlds) -
Stern (October 17, 1996)
Surveyors of Cyberspace -
Internet World (June 1996) - John Quarterman and Mark Lottor's surveys
Smile, You're On Internet Camera -
Internet World (April 1996)
Voyeure im Datennetz  (Internet Voyeur) -
Stern Magazine (March 1996)
Find Me If You Can! Phone Book Directories -
The Searcher (May 1995)
Setting Up Shop on the World Wide Web -
Information World Review (April 1995)
Netting Biomedical Information -
Information World Review (February 1995)
Uncover a Great Research Resource -
Online Access (January 1995)
Mr. Net-Happenings - The Life and Times of Gleason Sackman -
Internet World (January 1995) 
Secrets of the Surfing Searchers -
Internet World (January 1995)

Other Media

The AlterNETive Searcher - many articles in this newsletter on cost-effective Web searching (1998-2000)
Net.Journal Directory--The Catalog of Full Text Archived on the World Wide Web 
    13 editions, Hermograph Press, 1997-2003)
Internet At A Glance, 3rd Ed. (with Susan Feldman, Information Today Inc., 1996)
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