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Learning Astronomy Using the Northern Sky
The 365 Night Astronomy Text and Resource Book

What is the one thing all Northern Hemisphere astronomy teachers have to use?  The stars of the North Circumpolar Region!  With them you can teach about coordinates, angles, stellar evolution, galactic structure, and more.  Based on columns in the original Classroom Astronomer magazine and updated with more information, this book will be useful every clear night of the year. 

Epub and Print (Coming Summer 2023)

Federation Space (Summer/Fall 2023)

What if the United Federation of Planets of Star Trek was a real thing?  What could you learn from the stars that made up the Federation?  Using the REAL stars mentioned in the franchises, first they are plotted to learn where the Federation, its allies and its enemies are located in the Milky Way galaxy.  Then we turn the story around and ask what astronomy can we learn from the stars that make up the alliance?  What kinds of stars are in the Milky Way?  Is the Federation uniformly distributed or confined to one area?  What kind of structure does the Galaxy have?  Finally, where in the night sky of Earth can we find the stars of the Federation, in any season?

Based on the article in the original Classroom Astronomer magazine (and still available on the Hermograph Store as a mini-poster) and updated with the latest series' information, this topic has been presented at Trek conventions along the East Coast of the USA and the book will be available in 2022!