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The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter - Inbox Magazine

On Hiatus, not accepting new Subscriptions at this time.

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emailed straight to your Inbox, covering many of the same topics as the magazine, starting May 2021. The newsletter contains:

  • Articles on useful educational software and other areas of interest,
  • Astronomical Teachniques, tips and methods to teach specific topics,
  • Services and other items that connect teachers and students to sky events and objects (Connections to the Sky),
  •  and the RAP Sheet--items found in scholarly research that you can use now.
  • Designed for use for all levels of astronomy educators, including the pandemically virtual home teachers and home schoolers, and anyone who wants more than just a "Wow, what's up in the sky?" news briefing.

    Other columns and articles have or will include, for example, a column on the astronomy in the Next Generation Science Standards and remote observatories you can use for personal or class observations. Many items come from the most recent astronomy and astronomy education world conferences!

    The Galactic Times Newsletter - Inbox Magazine

    On Hiatus, not accepting new Subscriptions at this time.

    Homepage or read and subscribe directly here

    A twice-monthly Inbox Magazine on astronomy that covers Sky News, Events, and Astronomy in Everyday Life, from May 2021, and that:

  • brings the most interesting news stories (This Just In) which connect to the current night sky
  •   a textual and visual two-week Sky Planning Calendar, with Moon-Gazing using the Moon's wanderings to find the planets and other objects, Observing-- Plan-et notes on the planets and events, our anti-horoscope musings in Border Crossings, and For the Future helping you plan for events coming soon, and more.

    Other articles include quirky findings of Astronomy in Everyday Life, and articles on other facets of the Universe.  Many stories come from the latest news in world astronomy conferences and professional journals.

  • The Classroom Astronomer Magazine was a quarterly PDF publication designed as a practitioner journal for classroom teachers of astronomy. While centered at the high school level, it also provided tips, techniques and informative how-to articles for teachers of grades K-8 and undergraduate college "Astro 101" courses, and others. The magazine's mission was to increase the amount of astronomy in the school systems and improve the skills of teachers.

    TCA was published from 2009 until 2015.  You can go to the legacy website for some free articles, for all Tables of Contents, for a detailed index of all relevant articles arranged by subject area and educational level.  Start at www.classroomastronomer.com/currentindex.html .

    All 23 issues are available for purchase in PDF format in the Hermograph Store.