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Colonia Tour Book cover

The Colonia Tour Book

A Guide to the Roman City that Became Cologne

The CTB is the penultimate tourist guide to the ancient city of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, or CCAA, or simply Colonia, the ancient Roman Empire regional capital city upon which grew today's city of Cologne.  Use this guidebook to find the remains of Colonia's streets, buildings, cemeteries, its aqueduct, and gravesites of its citizens from 1500 to 2000 years ago. See Roman mosaic flooring still intact, the remains of its largest government building, the Praetorium, and its late era Fortress Deutz (Divitia).  Trace the path of its city water supply, the longest aqueduct in the Empire, seeing all its necessary parts.  All with precise walking directions and detailed maps, and most sites illustrated in the book so you know what to look for! 

This book is the most modern book on the topic, and designed specifically for tourists and those persons who want to actually go to and see and touch these relics of an earlier time.  Every site and pathway has been visited and photographed by the author so you can be sure you have found the items and sites, and know the basic context of what you are seeing.  Over 50 locations have been visited and discussed.

Contains four walking trails, two streetcar/tram+walking trails, an introduction to the history and geographic layout of the Roman city, a list of must-see highlights, museum and site locations, six trail maps, hundreds of photographs, extra sites off the six trails, checklists for keeping track of sights seen (and 'usable' for Colonia 'visas and citizenship,') and advice for tourists.

The book opened

An open Colonia Tour Book.

Underground Roman Grave Chamber

A Roman grave chamber

Roman Settling Tank for water control

Roman Settling Tank for water control, with aqueduct segment in the background.

Surviving piece of the North Gate

Surviving piece of the Roman North Gate

The Colonia Tour Book

Table of Contents



Welcome to Colonia! 1

A Brief History of Colonia 3

The  Geography of the City 6

Highlights 10

Things You Should Know
Before You Go

Sampling (Old) Cologne

High Street and The
     Wealthy Part of Town

Walking The Roman Wall 

The Army-Navy Tour    

The Gravesite Streetcar

The Aqueduct Tour



Off the Trails 73

Miscellaneous 75

Site Information 76

About the Author 78


Read a chapter free!

 Sampling (Old) Cologne (PDF)
(fast, low resolution, 300K) 
 Sampling (Old) Cologne (PDF)
(slow, high resolution, 2.7M)

The Colonia Tour Book
Author: Larry Krumenaker
ISBN 978-1-930876-11-8
Size: 82 pages; 5.3 x 8 inches (127 x 203mm); Weight: ~5 ounces (125 mg)
(c) 2017 Hermograph Press LLC, Opelika, AL
Language: English
Full color, Wire-O binding..

Price: (US) $17.99 (+S/H and appropriate sales tax)

Sample book page

Sample page showing a Roman sarcophagus, aqueduct segment, trail map, text and directions.

The best surviving Roman Tower

One of the best surviving Roman Towers

A piece of the Roman City Wall

A piece of the Roman City Wall

This will be eagerly sought.  Having read the author's previous guides, this will be one we can not afford to miss. October 2016, Ian Dewar, Ninth Legion on Facebook, Editor, 290 Foundation Recommended Reading Newsletter.

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