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Current Issue of the TCA Newsletter



The Current issue of The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter is available as a PDF for a two-week period.  Subscriptions for the full issue are only available for purchase at .

Issue #10 Table of Contents:

  • Cover Photo – Star Cluster HR Diagrams from Stellarium!

    In This Issue:

    • Connections to the Sky – 
      Testing Activities Online for the Rubin Observatory;
      SETI Institute Joins Unistellar & The Planetary Society to Inspire Girls to
      Discover Space During World Space Week;
      Virtual Goddard
    • Astronomical Teachniques – 
      The Sound of a Supernova’s Structure;
      Virtual Observations from Stellarium;
      An Additional Stellarium Exercise Resource;
      A Flat Moon?
    • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners – 
      Periodicity and Change: Talking about Time Inside the Planetarium Dome;
      The Gateway Science: a Review of Astronomy in the OECD School Curricula,
      Including China and South Africa;
      Physics for the Masses: Teaching Einsteinian Gravity in Primary School
    • The Galactic Times NewsletterHighlights